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What to look for when Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your Recent engagement, exciting times ahead.

Now that you've said Yes! you might have a venue already booked or on your sights, it's now time to start looking for a wedding photographer to capture your event. At the beginning it might not seem like a hard or difficult task, however, once you actually start reaching out to different studios, you'll probably start feeling overwhelmed by the vast options out there, and the most difficult part is to actually make a decision into which wedding photographer is your best option, well don't worry you are not the first one to feel this, we've all been there, looking at options seeing what each photographer has to offer, here we're going to help outline some things you can start looking into that could ease this process.

  1. Availability, I mean, how fast do they actually reply to any of their questions or concerns. The last thing you want is someone who takes too long to reply to any of your messages or phone calls.

  2. Quality of work, Clearly you want professionally made photographs for your wedding, so this is a very important point to look out for.

  3. Options, we're are not all the same, so when it comes to what you want to be included in your photo collection is very different from what other might have received, you need someone who can offer you flexibility when it comes to their package options, possibly even create one for you.

  4. Peace of mind, in our opinion the most important one, when we're planning a wedding most of the time we have no idea what comes first or last, we're going with the flow, figuring things out as we go, however, this is the last thing you want on your wedding day, you want someone who you can rely on, someone you know is going to be able to capture those once in a lifetime moments

Here's something else you can also be on the lookout for, and what could help you make this big decision.


This is probably the most obvious one, contact your closest friends or family member who have recently been married, ask them about their experience with their photographer, you wouldn't believe how many brides actually regret getting the photographer they hired for their wedding, though in most cases their decision for booking was based on their budget.


It's very important to do some research online, nowadays you can find a lot of information about a wedding photographer just by a quick google search, what other couples are saying about the studio you're looking into, if they are any good, if you can rely on their work and service.


As easy as going to their website and looking at their portfolio, but not just that but how does it actually feel when you browse around their website is a very important aspect to consider, think of it this way, the moment you go into their website do you feel like you're going through professionals calling card? Is the quality of their website what you want for you?

Just like when we visit any other website and we definitely feel it could be a scam, we've all bumped into these sites, where they are selling something, but you just don't quite feel the place you're looking in is legit, well, it's the same when looking at a photographers website, if somethings juts not right, it's best to close the window and continue searching.

The images are what you need to be looking at when hiring a wedding photographer, this is the first sign you're in the right place, you definitely need to like the style they are offering you.

Remember, your wedding photos are one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding, you won't just see them once, they will be with you for years to come, be sure not to just settle, keep looking for your perfect wedding photographer.

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