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What to do? Wedding EDITION

YAY, the love of your life has proposed and very exited you said, screamed, cried YES!!!

Now after you've showed off your beautiful engagement ring to everyone you know, now that you've talked about possible dates or your event, it is time to START planning your event, when this is finally realized, bow the big questions pops into your head

What to do? what is supposed to follow the proposal..... Well your are most definitely not alone, this passes through everyones mind after the excitement has passed. Don't worry, we're here to help.

Here are some guides (steps) to consider when planning your wedding


Yes we need to talk about BRUNO (2021 reference from ENCANTO) this is a very important decision, talking about how much do you want to invest into your wedding, and to only this, but also what is most important for you. A recommendation is to also be open to changes, because this hardly ever the same year to year, and lets be honest, if you're reading this it's because yo u may not do this for a living as a wedding professional, so this means it's most likely your first BIG event to plan, which lead into having almost no idea the cost of planning a wedding.

Here is where maybe an Event planner might be of help


The first thing to start thinking about is, when do you want to celebrate your Wedding Day, maybe a Friday (may be cheaper) or the most popular day of all SATURDAY (best and most convenient day for your guests). As a recommendation try and be flexible about this, the reason being in the next step, Venue, you may find the perfect location for your Wedding but maybe the day you're looking for isn't available, you may have to change the date of your event, but don't worry in some cases it might be for the best.


Is it a Local or Destination wedding, one might think that a destination might be cheaper but in some cases (most of them) it's usually not the case. But to remember your Wedding is a once in a lifetime CELEBRATION, it's up to you to decide, if you're getting married here in the RGV we've actually worked on a list of preferred vendors, you may want to take a look into our Blog.


We're living in a great era, where you can lookup any vendor, wedding professional, just by typing their names on Google, here you can actually see what other couples are saying about their services, in some cases when booking anyone for your wedding maybe the beauty, excitement or maybe even the deal WINS our emotions, hopefully making a great decision, but in some cases it might not be the best way to go, for Example some event Venues here in the RGV offer a photographer as part of their package, you might think GREAT, one more thing I don't have to look for, but is it actually worth it, to leave the ONE THING you actually get to keep from your wedding to a person who's work is only as part of a package, here is where the term YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR comes in. It's alway best to make a more informed decision, right before a meeting with any wedding professional type in they business name on any search engine, take a look into their previous weddings.


Remember the wedding industry is almost always a busy season, just as you are celebrating your Wedding day another couple are also searching as you are, maybe even on the same day as you, don't feel pressured into booking, but also consider you may meet a vendor on a Monday and by Tuesday someone else might Book their date before you do, this means you end up having to change your date or maybe even the vendor it self.

There are many other things to consider when planning a Wedding, but hopefully this can help you Start things off

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