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It’s probably been one or 2 months from your proposal and you said YES to the love of your life, now it’s time to plan for your wedding day, maybe by now you already have a budget in mind or even booked a VENUE, that’s great, the next step is to look for the team who will be there to capture all those beautiful moments so the first thing that comes to mind is

“Who is going to be to be your Wedding photographer?”

Well if you’ve been looking for a while, you probably noticed by now, there are plenty of options out there, it might even seem like an unending list of options, but we’re not here to talk about the photographer but who will do your video or is it FILM.. We want to give you a better idea into what is the biggest difference and why we should stop thinking of this as an add-on for your wedding photos, when in fact its a completely different approach into how you’ll be able to watch your wedding in the future.

Wedding Video - You’ve probably seen this many times, maybe your parents or even grandparents videos of their wedding where you can see everything, but I mean everything not cuts no edit, just a camera recording the whole ceremony and reception non stop, many of us have had to endure this, what happens, well most of us watch it out of respect but do we really enjoy it? Maybe not…

This type of work we might think is no longer available, but you’d be surprised how many still offer this as an option.

Wedding Cinematography - Here is a much more professional approach into your wedding FILM, it’s no longer about delivering a beginning to end style of edit, but more about delivering a STORY, your STORY, think of it like watching a movie, you sit down and enjoy every aspect of it, the story, the music, but specially the main character (which should be YOU).

With wedding cinematography you should feel all the excitement and joy as if you were there, living those moments all over again.

Last Note, if looking for a wedding videographer/filmmaker be sure the company offers this not as a FREE or discounted price item, this should be considered a very important investment as well, wedding Photography offers something that NO wedding videographer will, which is the ability to freeze all the memorable moments for you, the ability to print wall art or albums, however wedding cinematography has something that no photographer can offer, this is the ability for you to listen to your vows, the speech your father will give on your wedding day, the emotion of a soundtrack to enrich all of what happened on one of the BEST DAYS of your life.

Wedding Cinematography is about narrating your LOVE STORY.

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