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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Hello reader, if you're here then you're probably planning on celebrating an event, maybe wedding or anniversary, or even a graduation or Quinceañera.

One of the first things you may need to start looking into booking is the Venue, DJ or band, and Photographer/Video, not necessarily in this order or maybe you don't want to overwhelm your self and you'd rather hire someone who takes care of all this, then Event planner.

But most definitely a very important decision comes down to the location where you're planning on celebrating your event, now depending on where in the City, State or Country you're in, this may vary, but some Venue here in the RGV might already come with most of what you would want to include for your Event, floral arrangements, catering, etc. you may want to go more into depth into what exactly your would want for your event.

Not every event is designed equally, what we mean is that maybe you like the building it self for a venue but not necessarily the included decoration, you may want to ask them if you are able to bring in someone else to do this, some venue will allow this, but smoothers are much more set into what they already have included and cannot be removed or switched, in any case its best to ask.

What do we recommend for you to be on the look out when booking a Venue

  1. Food tasting, its very important to have a taste of what your guests are going to be having for dinner

  2. Staff, if possible ask the manager if you can stop by another vent they are having to take a peak, see the staff at their best, check if they have enough people to cater your event

  3. Power, Now a days many Dj's or bands require way too much electricity, the last thing you want is to loose power during your event.

  4. Flexibility, maybe you wan your own floral arrangements, some venues might say yes, but the day of event they completely forget about this, its best to have everything in writing, some venues don't event accommodate this request.

We've prepared a small list of the Most popular venues, feel free to browse around and use the provided links to find the best one for you




Rancho Guadalupe

Rancho La Pergola

Capilla Del Río

La Julieta


Aylyns Event Center


Hacienda San Miguel

The Groove

Casa Los Ébanos

Corinthians Event Center / Kalos Event Center / Jardin Corinthian

Namar Event Center

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