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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artists for your wedding can help you look and feel your best on your special day, reduce stress, and ensure that your beauty lasts throughout the celebration. It's an investment in your overall wedding experience.

  1. Glam Squad Extravaganza: Your wedding day is the ultimate red carpet moment of your life! Why not roll out the glam squad like a Hollywood superstar? Professional hair and makeup artists are your personal entourage, ready to make you and your crew shine brighter than any A-lister!

  2. No-Stress Beauty: Forget about that pre-wedding jitters-induced breakout or DIY makeup mishaps. The experts know how to banish those bridal beauty blues and bring out your inner radiant goddess. Stress-free beauty? Yes, please!

  3. Magical Transformations: These wizards of makeup and hair can transform you into the bridal version of your dreams. From a bare-faced beauty to a wedding-worthy wonder, they've got the magic touch. Cue the "ta-da!" moment.

  4. Picture-Perfect Perfection: Worried about looking like a ghost or melting in the summer sun? Fear not! Professional artists are photography experts. They'll make sure you're Insta-ready, no matter how many camera flashes or sweat-inducing dance moves you throw at them.

  5. Product Playground: Ever wanted to play with ALL the fancy beauty products but didn't want to break the bank? Hiring a professional artist is like stepping into a makeup playground with all the high-end goodies. Plus, no need to splurge on that luxury lipstick; they've got it covered!

  6. Mimosas and Makeovers: Get the party started with some pre-wedding pampering. Sip mimosas, enjoy some girl talk, and let the good vibes flow while you get dolled up. It's a beauty party you won't want to end!

  7. Emergency Glam Squad: Ever heard of a beauty superhero? Well, that's your artist! Whether it's a smudged eyeliner or a runaway curl, they'll swoop in for a quick rescue, keeping you looking flawless through any wedding-day drama.

  8. Bridal Bootcamp: For those of us who need a little guidance, these artists offer a "Bridal Beauty 101" crash course. They'll teach you how to work your angles and choose the right shades to keep the post-wedding beauty glow going strong.

  9. Bride Tribe's Best Friend: It's not just about you! Your bridesmaids and mom deserve to look and feel fabulous too. Professional artists can transform your entire bride tribe into a gorgeous, coordinated squad that could rival the Spice Girls.

  10. Confidence Boost: Imagine walking down the aisle with the confidence of a catwalk model. Your pro artist isn't just enhancing your beauty; they're boosting your self-esteem to bridal boss levels!

Here is list of people we've worked with and we know will do an amazing job

Antonio Von Marrok - 956.961.8887

Lorena Chapa Marrok - 956.460.6227

Criselda Pruneda (Glam Squad) - 956.789.0025

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