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Be Healthier Together

Let’s take it back to when you and your fiancé began dating. You’d plan your whole outfit hours or even days in advance, made sure your hair looked picture perfect (engagement photoshoot) , and even caught a quick pump at the gym prior to seeing each other.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but how many of you still take care of yourselves like you did when you first met? If before dating you would only go out to eat 2x a week is it now 5? Or if you did yoga every day, do you know only go when you remember? Why is it that we often forget to put ourselves first? Remember, to take care of others you must first take care of yourself.

You’re probably asking yourself how is this relatable to planning a wedding, let us explain.

People exercise for many reasons; to boost their confidence, to feel good, to get ready for a vacation (proposal surprise), an important event (hint hint), but the most important reason as to why you should is for health longevity. You should train with the intention of improving the way your body was designed to move, run, jump, lift, and over all wellbeing.

Planning a wedding requires you to be healthy, body and mind. There is a lot of pressure and stress that people don’t tell you about which is why you should consider a healthy sustainable diet & workout regimen.

Photoshoots are a lot of fun and quite spontaneous! For one photo you may be in the comfort of a building and in the other you’re climbing up a hill in the middle of nowhere trying to change outfits in your car. You’d be surprised at the behind the scenes of capturing those Pinterest photo ideas you have in mind. It’s truly a workout itself. For both photo and film everyone thinks it is a one shot done deal, but what if we told you that we not only capture moments, we create them. Therefore we’ll have you holding the pose for a few seconds or ask you to carry your fiancé several times.

Come wedding day, you’ll be running up and down since the morning, and you’re going to have a night full of dancing ahead of you. All of your guests will be excited to celebrate this special day with you, I doubt you’d want to be sitting down or tired from not being able to keep up with all your wedding activites.

We have experts in this field of people and places we trust that can guide you in the right direction towards your health and fitness goals. Don’t let this be the only season you take care of yourselves. Remember longevity. Whether you dream about having several children, traveling the world, or taking care of your pets you should think first “Am I in the best physical & mental state to do all that I want?”

Jocelyn H. Garcia — Fitness Consultant

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Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

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Elite Body Sculpting

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Fork To Fit Kitchen

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Fit Grill

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Arri Fitness

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