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When is the best time to hire your Wedding Photographer / Videographer

Now its getting real, Congratulations on your engagement, exciting times are coming, and now you're probably starting to look around for professional vendors for your wedding, we know it's a sea of options out there, where do you usually start, the same way we did when we got married, asking for referals, looking online for the best options out there, maybe attending one or two wedding expos from your area. After a while you start making your decisions, first booking your venue, band/dj, let's not forget the dress.

Maybe 2 or 3 months have gone by and your photographer/videographer are still pending, or maybe you already met several professionals and now you have to make a decission of who, and after a while when both your fianceé and you came to a decission you call back ready to sign a contract, and now you find out the day is already booked, so you contact your second option, and they're booked as well.

Trust me, this is completely real, if you want a professional photographer / videographer at your wedding, which you know you do, than last thing you want is to have a dream wedding and not so good memories, because lets face it, the only actual thing we get to kkep to remember those moments are the photos and your wedding film.

One wquestion we almost always get when meeting a couple is, "When is the best time to book?"

Our answer is always the same, "When you find your perfect match", let's follow this annalogy...

When you're dress shopping, you might have gone to 1, 2, 3 or maybe even 4 locations, but that moment when you find the perfect dress you know it, for some brides they decide then and there and stop looking, for some others they keep shopping around, and you knwo hat they all have in common, every single dress they see after the ONE is emediattely compared to the one they fell in love with.

When it comes to photographers and videography for your wedding it's almost the same, you know you want someone but decied to keep shopping around, which is a good thing, you still need to compare, but if at the end of the day, everything or everyone is compared to that one photographer, my one and only recommendation is to go as fast as you can and hire him/her, because unlike the dress, you can't order another to arrive and be altered.

So as a recap, the best time to hire is when you know you don't need to keepo looking.

We know every couple is different, and that is why we offer different packages and also different forms of payment, follow this link to read more about all our options.

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