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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

For every future Bride, one of the most exiting part about planning your wedding (right after receiving the ring) is to choose the PERFECT dress, the one you imagine yourself walking down the isle to the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. This amazing dress the one you spent hours, days or even weeks trying to find after countless boutiques, you finally see it and never look back. Once you try it on, that is the moment it hits you, you realize you're getting married, filled with excitement and joy, your mother who's with you that moment cries realizing her daughter looks gorgeous.

A bridal session isn't just about taking photos with your dress, its also an excuse to use your dress more than once, its a perfect gift for your parents, and lets not forget its also a great opportunity to see how your hair, makeup and shoes would feel.

Some recommendations we can give for every bride having a bridal session are:

1 ENJOY your session, have fun, don't worry too much about getting your dress dirty, it doesn't matter if your session is indoor or outdoors in some cases the dress might pick up some dirt on the bottom for this reason your session needs to be done with enough time prior to your wedding. You don't want to be stressed about your dress during your bridal session, every emotion is always captured, remember to trust in your photographer, they know the best time and place to do your session.

2 TAKE an additional pair of shoes, you know you want to photograph your dress with your brand New Louis Vuitton, however you don't want to damage them or get tired too fast from walking around. You might also want to take some loose powder and gloss, its a long day you want to look your best in every photo

3 YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL, well i know this isn't a tip however it also works as a tip, don't let anyone ruin your bridal session, remember you chose your dress it doesn't matter if it took you 1 day or several months to find, its the dress you want to marry the Love of your life

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